"Apply changes to blueprint" loses references?

emphasized textHello, I’m working on bosses for my game, and I’ve got a few TMaps that have various actor references (below is an example of one). This makes it very easy for my boss to communicate with actors in the scene.

UPROPERTY(EditInstanceOnly, Category = "AKQ|Assets") TMap<FName, AActor*> Actors;

However, anytime I make changes elsewhere on the boss and hit ‘Apply Changes to Blueprint’, all references in all the TMaps disappear. I’m guessing because the blueprint can’t possible store actor references from the scene. However I thought EditInstanceOnly should solve that since they’re not editable within the blueprint?

Is there any way to solve everything being reset each time I apply changes?

(Note: I know I can make the changes within the blueprint, but it’s 100x easier on the scene since it’s a massive boss that uses a number of scene actors)

If this seems like a bug post it as an answer and I will move/remake this as a bug report.