Apply button out of panel view for AutoConvex Collision changes


][1]When changing the sliders for AutoConvex collision - “Convex Deposition” tab - in certain cases the Apply button can become partially or totally hidden (requires the editor view to be dragged larger). Ideally this shouldn’t happen.

Suggest: By default the Convex Deposition panel be tabbed next to Properties, not nested underneath.
The hidden ‘apply’ button could still cause a problem given the UI modularity though … if nothing else, a scrollbar down the side of the Convex Deposition panel would alert users there’s more to see.

Suggest: ‘Max Num Hulls’ sounds clunky. Why not just say ‘Max Hulls’ or ‘Hull Count’ ?

Hi Tom,

By default, the Convex Decomposition tab deploys with ample visible space for the Apply and Defaults button. Issues will only occur if the window has previously been resized. You are able to reset the UI layout for the editor in Settings, if desired.

I have reported your feature requests for having a scrollbar and the renaming of the property.

Thank you for your feedback.