Application which let user load an .obj file

Hello guys, it there something like this possible? I am new to Unreal and I would like to make an application in which I (or any user) load a selected .obj file, it is displayed and I can move around with camera to watch it from different angles. I frankly do not know where to start. Digging into some documentation about meshes right now. Where could I start with this? If anyone knows any tips or can point me somewhere, I would be very grateful. Thanks!

The mesh importing code is part of the editor, and you cannot ship anything that belongs to the editor in your games. One approach would be to google for some .obj parsing C++ library/code, then use it to populate a ProceduralMeshComponent.

Thanks for info mate! I already did C++ .obj parsing using ASSIMP. I guess, it will work in UE too, just have to figure how. Will have a look at that MeshComponent. :slight_smile: Thanks anyway. Looking forward for other tips :slight_smile: