Application Scale/UMG: How to modify through BP?

This might be really simple but I can’t find the solution…

I’m looking to scale all my Widgets / UMG / Slate.

In Project Settings->DPI Scaling there is a variable called “Application Scale” that does exactly what I need. The tooltip even clarifies it further: “An optional application scale to apply on top of custom scaling rules. So if you want to expose a property in your game title, you can modify this underlying value to scale the entire UI

BUT… How do I actually modify this value via BP? I don’t manage to find a node and I don’t manage to find a command that adjusts this value. Can it only be changed in the project settings and not at runtime?

I’d like to know too.

I’ve been looking, but no idea how to solve it. Should be simple… I posted a similar question on Answerhub <here>, but no luck so far.

Did you find out how? I need this too… the DPI stuff doesn’t work for me between Iphone X and Iphone 8 screens

Scale Box widget perhaps?