Application breaks off when Movie is running [4.7.4 and 4.7.5]

Hi, I have a problem with intro movies for mobile devices (Actually in Android only. Not tested on IOS).


When I use a MP4 movie as an intro movie and the movie ends up, I see the main menu from the game, but the application freezes and closes/crashes.


But removing the movie from project settings game works.

Tested on the following Android devices:

huawei P7-L10 - android v4.4.2

miTab BALTIMORE - android v4.4.2

jiayu g3s turbo - android 4.1.2

Hi Helghast,

Can you attach to this thread the output logs of your apk’s successful build, and the logcat logs from the crash?

Thanks very much!

I attached logs.
Some lines are in Spanish. Apologies.

link text

Hi Helghast,

Are you using binary or source version of the editor? Also, in the logcat I’m seeing what looks like SDK setup errors, do you mind taking a screenshot of your SDK settings and posting here? Are you using a recent version of TADP or the one that comes with the editor?

I’m seeing several errors in your log that indicate you might be using assets that are unsupported for mobile development in UE4. Can you have a look at this documentation for General Mobile Development and see if there’s anything you’re using that might be causing a crash?

Thanks so much for including all those logs, btw, that’s really a huge help.

Hi Helghast,

Did your project crash on all three devices that you listed? Were you able to get it to work on any device? Do you have any other devices on which to test? It’s looking a bit like a memory issue for those devices, so any other testing you can do would be helpful.


-I’m using binary version.

-UE4 android SKD paths&config:


-I’m using Tegra Android Development Pack Release (4.0r1).

-Referenced to the unsupported assets, game is playable, except when I add the movie.

Yep, crash on all three devices only when I add a movie.

I’ll try on an iPad/iPhone.

Hi Helghast,

Were you able to reproduce the crash on an iOS device? Also is the mp4 located in your Project/Content/Movies folder? Here is a forums thread with some further info about video on Android.

Hope this helps!

I’ve noticed that sometimes works if I disable the “Google Play Services” (android).

Yes, mp4 are in my Project/Content/Movies folder.

Hi Helghast,

Sorry for the reply gap. Does the disabling of Google Play Services only work intermittently, or does that solve your issue every time? If yes, then I can dig into that being the cause. If no, then it seems to indicate something else is the cause of your crash. If you can get a crash when you’ve disabled Play Services, can you include logcat logs here?

Well, I’ve created two APKs on Development mode, both with Startup movie:

-APK1: GooglePlay services = false

-APK2: GooglePlay services = true

After I used “adb logcat -s UE4” on my device, and these are the logs:
On both APKs, aplication crashes after movie ends up.
In the second, there are lines:

    D/UE4     ( 4250): [2015.04.28-08.40.17:197][  0]LogOnline:Display: OnlineSubsystemGooglePlayModule::StartupModule()
    D/UE4     ( 4250): [2015.04.28-08.40.17:197][  0]LogOnline:Warning: FOnlineSubsystemGooglePlayModule was disabled
    D/UE4     ( 4250): [2015.04.28-08.40.17:197][  0]LogOnline: FOnlineSubsystemAndroid::Shutdown()
    D/UE4     ( 4250): [2015.04.28-08.40.17:198][  0]LogOnline:Warning: Unable to create OnlineSubsystem module GooglePlay
    D/UE4     ( 4250): [2015.04.28-08.40.17:198][  0]LogOnline:Warning: Unable to load default OnlineSubsystem module GooglePlay, using NULL interface
    D/UE4     ( 4250): [2015.04.28-08.40.17:199][  0]LogModuleManager:Warning: ModuleManager: Module 'OnlineSubsystemNull' not found - its StaticallyLinkedModuleInitializers function is null.

And then others such as:

    D/UE4     ( 4798): [2015.04.28-08.43.50:190][  0]LogOnline:Display: OnlineSubsystemGooglePlayModule::StartupModule()
    D/UE4     ( 4798): [2015.04.28-08.43.50:190][  0]LogOnline:Display: FOnlineIdentityAndroid::FOnlineIdentityAndroid()
    D/UE4     ( 4798): [2015.04.28-08.43.50:190][  0]LogOnline: GPG sign in started
    D/UE4     ( 4798): [2015.04.28-08.43.50:190][  0]LogOnline: FOnlineSubsystemGooglePlay::OnAuthActionFinished, Op: SIGN IN, Status: ERROR_NOT_AUTHORIZED
    D/UE4     ( 4798): [2015.04.28-08.43.50:191][  0]LogInit: Presizing for 0 objects not considered by GC, pre-allocating 0 bytes.
    D/UE4     ( 4798): [2015.04.28-08.43.50:191][  0]LogInit: Object subsystem initialized

[link text][1]
[1]: (18.4 KB)

Hi Helghast,

Based on the information you and others have provided, we have determined that a garbage collection change in Android 4.0 is causing many problems, including this crash. JIRA issue UE-14317 has been entered for this garbage collection issue, and is at this time scheduled to be included in the 4.8 release. Note that this is not a guarantee as the release approaches some issues will be pushed back to the next release. However, I have spoken with the dev involved, and as this issue covers a spectrum of problem fixes, I feel confident it will be included. I will update this issue as more information is gathered.

Thanks very much!