Apple threatens to boot Epic—including Unreal Engine

Looks like Apple is targeting Unreal Engine in the Fortnite payment war. If Apple succeeds sounds like IOS could be out as a platform for unreal??…ine-epic-says/

Edit: Quote from legal filing

Every time apple takes a stand like that they lose miserably in court.
Even with Samsung they “won” 500 millions on bull, while Samsung probably made billions and overtook the iPhone market by just making a better product.

Also, I wouldn’t worry about it. Even if Epic can’t support it directly the community - having no direct legal tie to epic - can keep on porting the needed changes.

Interesting though. Apple’s stupidity never ceases to amaze.

Just out of curiosity. Why no-one is blaming Walmart for adding some percentage margin on the products they sell? You don’t agree with margin, don’t put your products into company’s selling platform. Simple. I love Unreal Engine, I think it’s the best game development environment for triple A games, but c’mon. You are not gods. You cannot break rules and then play a victim card on that.

The question is if Apple plays by the rules. Apple could violate antitrust law. This point is probed by the US Congress and the EU. So Epic’s claim is not without merits.