Apple pro res missing unreal engine 5

apple pro res missing unreal engine 5, im seeing all of these videos about using it but even though I have the plugin installed and turned on it doesn’t show up in my movie rendering. Also final cut XML is of no use, it renders nothing and simply shows “no shot” in the render preview. Anyone have any workaround?

Are you on a Mac? I think there are issues with prores on Mac for some reason. Otherwise PC works fine.

I am on a M1 Mac Studio, but I would think they hey would work fine on a Mac, same company made the tool lol


Hi - noob here. I am also unable to render using apple prores. It shows up as installed and activated in my plugins settings, but when I try to render, the only option is to export as a .jpg sequence. Any suggestions on how to export using apple prores?

In plugins, Apple ProRes Media appears to be installed and active. I have restarted UE a couple times, it’s still not showing up as an option in render settings.

I was told that I cannot render using Apple ProRes because I am using a Mac. That seems weird since both products are made by the same company. Any truth to this?