AppFlood SDK plugin tutorial Please help!!

Hello, I have taken the basic plain uplugin file and attempted to put in the appflood sdk code:
I attempted to add the following code into a uplugin file:
import com.appflood.AppFlood.*;
import com.appflood.AppFlood.AFEventDelegate;
import com.appflood.AppFlood.AFRequestDelegate;

Initialize AppFloodObject in your onCreate() method**

AppFlood.initialize(this, “Your app key here”, “Your secret key here”, AppFloo

Then I created a folder called “Plugins” in my project folder and copied the uplugin file. When I load up unreal engine 4 it doesn’t show me the plugin?

What do I need to do?


Reply to “AppFlood SDK plugin tutorial Please help!!”

Hi sulexk! Our SDK does not support Unreal engine 4 thus the plugin does not show up. Currently, our SDK only supports Admob and Unity. Do let us know if you have any other queries.

-AppFlood Team.

Appflood SDK support

Hello, How do I integrate the Appflood sdk into my game? Is there any other way?
I have tried admob mediation but does unreal support interstitial ads?

Hi sulexk,

I have created feature request [UE-5525] to include a node for interstitial ads in Blueprints. If this is implemented in a future build an update will be posted on this thread.

HI Sulexk,
The only way is to use either Unity or Admob as our SDK does not support the Unreal Engine 4 platform.

-AppFlood Team