apparently updating to 4.14.2 was the worst idea ever!

No matter what i do the **** thing wont save, importing models is crashing the editor so basically i am stuck.

4.13 and 4.14 are so unstable,so many bugs.

Don’t worry, 4.15 Preview 1 is around the corner…and it can’t come any sooner…as long as the feature set was kept to a minimum since this is supposed to be a bug-fix stability release.

Wait 4.14 was supposed to be the stability release wasn’t it?

Hi all.

We are working on a 4.14.3 hotfix to address the crashing issue when importing some FBX.

Vindomire, I am not currently aware of any new issue regarding the saving of maps. Can you confirm how widespread it is (all maps? all projects? If only one map - what is unique about it?) and then share your results in the Bug Reports section of the UE4 Answerhub.


The saving issue was on any project. i didnt try making a new project or map. Restarting editor over and over didn’t fix it however a complete system restart seems to have solved the issue for now so I dunno if it was holding something in memory somehow.

The big pain is since I was having fbx import issues I deleted all the models, textures and materials in case they were tied to the project in some weird way. So now I gotta do that all over lol.

This engine turned to be a pain in the **** ever since i upgraded from 4.10 … Haven’t had a single version where i didn’t have to download the source-code and fix up things that they broke during upgrading… really annoying.

4.14 wont let me edit anything.

Make sure your files aren’t read-only, or open in another software. There may be a 2nd process of the engine open in the background that you are unaware of, which occupies the files (Has happened to me, had to kill process).

There’s aQFE you can installthat fixes importing models.

Is there a hotfix planned for Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-38925) ? This is basically a showstopper and to my entire disappointment I’ve discovered It just now.

Just push 4.15 please, faster, faster.

Even though, I know, I know…it’ll probably just bring more issues, but there are SO many fixes in 4.15 that will fix the 4.14 ones plus longer standing ones…

4.15 should have been the “stability release” that most of us have been waiting for, but I think I saw they added some new features on git.

Checked that. Tried starting a new project. Tried deleting 4.14 and reinstalling. I can open the level blueprint only. Any asset I try to edit I will get a window showing up on the task bar but it is empty and wont open.

Did you file a Answerhub post, outlining the issue in more detail?

Tried starting a new project, what happened, any error log message?

Hi all.

A note regarding 4.14.2.

The only issue we are aware of that was newly introduced in 4.14.2 is the FBX import crash described here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-40229)

We are working on a new hotfix (4.14.3) to resolve this issue. Meanwhile, if you are using the Launcher version of the engine, a QFE “quick fix” is already available that you can download and run to patch the problem. Follow the link: Current Available Quick-Fix Solutions - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums (Github users can grab the fixed file here:

If you are aware of any other issue that has been introduced with the 4.14.2 hotfix, please let us know by logging a bug report on the UE4 Answerhub.

Otherwise, we believe that 4.14.2 (and especially the upcoming 4.14.3) should be safe to update to if you are using the 4.14 release.



is 4.15 shaping up to be a stability release like was mentioned several times in Oct-Dec posts? If it actually ended up with big features yet again, could you please pass on some feedback that we would really like a stability release. I wish I would have stayed with 4.12 or 4.10, but I was trying to release for Apple TV, so I thought maybe if I kept upgrading the features that were supposedly already there would eventually start working (getting closer…4.15 from source still doesn’t allow Apple TV submissions to work yet, though).

Hi CleanCut.

The 4.15 release will be lighter on features than other releases, and it resolves a normal amount of bugs, but there has not been a focus to explicitly make it a ‘stability release’. We certainly hope it experiences no critical issues and will be working during the upcoming preview to catch and address any prior to release. As to when there may be a focus on a release that predominantly addresses bugs, I don’t have that information at this time, but we appreciate your feedback.

A note to everyone else in this thread: the 4.14.3 hotfix has been released, and should resolve the FBX import crash which was introduced in 4.14.2.


Noted. Thanks, Stephen!

apparently this guy still has fbx import problems.
Might be worth to check out Stephen.

We’re investigating. Thanks