APP to control 360º video playback on Oculus Go/Quest with a Smartphone, no extra gear or internet conection requiered

Hello, I wanna present a new APP i’ve developed over last months but I don’t know if it’s new and interesting and I don’t know if this is the best way of sharing it.
It’s an APP for Smartphone (tested on Xiaomi Redmi) and another APP for portable VR (tested on Oculus Go).

-The phone APP let the user play any video on the Oculus Go (tested up to 25 headsets at a time).
-It doesn’t need internet conection.
-It works outside.
-No extra gear needed.
-At the moment, it isn’t an .apk, it works by lunching it from the editor the first time, and the app remains on phone and Go and it’s used as a normal app.
-You can add videos on folder and add its tittles to a config.txt in order to “refresh” the menu on the phone app.
-In the Oculus Go, the app can play normal 360º videos, stereoscopic videos (top/down), and videos with 360º sound at the moment.
-It works with +25 Oculus Go sets simoultaneusly.

The working method (including installing issues that only have to be done the first time time) is:
-Install (Launch) the smartphone APP and the GO APP.
-Place the videos in the folders in GO (And thumbnails in phone).
-Create a server with a free APP (like icoge.go) and put some .php files inside.
-Create WI-FI with our smartphone (no internet conection required).
-Conect Go sets to that WI-FI.
-Run both apps
-Start your guided virtual tour!

Do you want to know more? It’s something great or just another app? Let me know, I wanna share all this info but only if it helps someone. I could share it via github or whatever, I’m new in sharing my projects.

Thanks for your feedback. This is my first post so sorry for my english and for some mistakes i’ve may done.

Love ya! Sam.

Edit: Btw, it’s not SPAM, I want to share it for free if this the best site (the forum) and if it can help someone.