app needs to be updated in iPadOS 14.6, even I package in xcode12

I package ipa in ue4.26.2 with xcode12
and I install ipa ipadOS14.6 but ipad left log that

app needs to be updated, The developer
of this app needs to update it to work
with this version of iPadOS.

here is the ue4.26 ios setting.

I don’t know what I miss, help me please.

Hi have you able to solve it? I am getting the same issue.

We’ve just been hit with this issue for iOS too. We were forced into a full OS update on our dev Mac just to get XCode 12.5 and we’re still being hit with build issues on UE 4.26

I am windows and building for ios using remote build options. So you suggest to fix it by updating os and xcode?

We are doing the same - windows remote build. Updated XCode to 12.5 and it still is not running on iOS 14.6. We think may be due to iOS 14.6 requiring all apps to be 64bit however have yet to find the option in UE4 to make the iOS build system generate one.

I thought same… that it has something to do with 64bit. but could not find much support online… I used Distribution build it is now working fine. So you may want to check if it something to do provisioning.

I’ve just found the solution on Unreal forums which has worked for me. Apparently as of ios14.5, Apple changed their signing requirements which meant the iOS windows signing application did not work. UE4.27 has introduced a fix and if you take the files from the engine folder …/binaries/dotnet/iOS from 4.27 and replace them in an earlier version it then should sign properly using windows remote build (remember to back up old files before replacing them). Therefore if you’re on an older version of UE4 for you app, you’re not necc forced to move engine versions.

Hope this helps.

PS - I have a feeling the 64bit thing was a red herring

Thank you. you’r my hero
I used binary unreal engine, I must download c++ unreal engine for solving this problem.