App force closes and says it has stopped right after launching on Android

Hey all, my game force closes and says it has stopped right after launching on Android. Everything was fine and suddenly I start getting this error. I tested launching the game on several devices but all gave me the same error. I’ve attached the log file.

Update: My game works fine before I got a new PC, it is a Blueprint only project. Now even the default templates end in constant crashes, so it seems is not related to the project but the Codeworks itself. I really tried all the possible solution, updated UE to the latest version, reinstalled the Codeworks etc. I really apprectiate your feedback on this.

It looks like the data files are missing on device; the ICU data directory is the first thing it tries to load on startup.

Was this a package or launch on? If package, make sure the OBB was uploaded.

That log file is from the launch. Published package gives me another error: when I tried opening the game on Android, I get an unreal splash screen saying “xapk file validation failed” if I try re-opening the game around 5 times, this time game opens up! Some weird things going on and I am really lost on this. I tired installing TappyChicken and it worked just fine and when I try deploying it from the editor it stalls at start, only splash-screen is shown and nothing happens. Catlog returns the same “ICU data directory was not discovered” error.

Here is another log file from the default sidescroller template. I just tried launching the game from the editor. It again stalls on start after splash screen.

By the way, how can I ensure that the obb file is installed correctly?

Xapk error happens because the newer versions of Android deny permission of writing by default. If you go to the phone app manager and enable permission it could work in some cases

Obviously ask for user to do this is the worst option and you will lose clients.
Because i have not found a real solution (add permission on the manifest did not work for me) i finally had to compile merging the obb inside of the apk.
I think that option is on settings packing or android i dont remember and im posting from my phone right now

Set TargetSDK to 22 or lower if you don’t want runtime permissions. 23 will require runtime permissions to be requested. This setting is in Android Project Settings; do not change the Android SDK setting.

I usually use “adb shell” to look at the files on device. You should see your project’s files in /mnt/sdcard/UE4Game in a directory matching your project name. mnt/sdcard/Android/obb will have a directory for the package name containing the OBB if you are using one.

Thank you so much Chris setting the SDK to 22 solved the problem! But somehow virtual joystick disappeared and whatever I do I cannot make it to work, it was working just fine when I was using a lower SDK version. Anyways I created my own custom widget controller.