App doesn't work on old phones

So I have 2 phones, one is Galaxy S6 and the second is Galaxy A30.
My app game is in a closed alpha state in the google play store, when I open the link to my app with the S6 I get the message “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” instead of the green download button.
But with the A30 everything is normal.
I packaged the game using SDK 28, and checked the option to package game data inside apk (so there’s no separate .obb file) also I checked “Support armv7” and “Support arm64”.

Can someone tell me why this is happening and perhaps how to fix it so it’s available on most phones?

Finally managed to resolve this. What I did is I packaged the game twice, one with only Support armv7 selected and one with only Support arm64 selected. I bundled both of them separately using Android Studio. Uploaded the two app bundles to Google play console and done! Hope this helps someone out there :slight_smile: