App crashes when I call function `EOS_Platform_Create`

I am following a doc guide on using the EOS Core C++ to create a login via device ID, but then I encounter a crash whenever I call the function EOS_Platform_Create from blueprint, I set a delay of around 10 seconds before calling. Initializing the EOS have no problem

below are the details of the project:

UE 5.3
EOS Core v1.15.5

and here is a snippet of the code: ( removed the EOS Credential details )

void UEosGameInstanceSubsystem::CreateDeviceId()
EOS_Platform_ClientCredentials ClientCredentials;
ClientCredentials.ClientId = “”;
ClientCredentials.ClientSecret = “”;

EOS_Platform_Options Platform_Options;
	Platform_Options.ApiVersion = EOS_PLATFORM_OPTIONS_API_LATEST;
	Platform_Options.Reserved = nullptr;
	Platform_Options.ClientCredentials = ClientCredentials;
	Platform_Options.DeploymentId = "";
	Platform_Options.SandboxId = "";
	Platform_Options.EncryptionKey = "";
	Platform_Options.bIsServer = EOS_FALSE;
	Platform_Options.ProductId = "";

UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Before Starting Platform Handle"));