App crashes on android

Here is my log: link text

Android 4.4, SGS3, UE 4.7.4. What should I do in order to make it work?

That means you compiled for NDK 20 or 21 but you are running on a device that is pre-5.0/Lollipop.

To have compiled with 20/21, you most likely manually changed the NDK version from 19 to either “latest” or 20 or 21 (it’s in the Android section of the Project Settings).

Google broke compatibility (and my heart) when they made NDK 20, since it only works on 20 and up devices.

Setting it to 19 is fine. Did you recompile your code? Can you send a log of the compile?

There is no other reason I know of.

I changed settings, but the problem still exists. Here’s new Log: link text

Can it be because of another reason? Also, I set it to 19, is it ok?

Nope, I didn’t. I’ll send logs as soon as build is over

How to see log of build? :blush:

How did you compile your code?

With the build button on toolbar

Is there another way to compile? I’m beginner, sorry

Oh that’s not compiling the code, that’s building the lighting, etc.

It sounds like you never compiled the code. Are you just using the version form the Launcher? Does your project have code in it (guessing not). Was the value something that isn’t 19 ever?

Yes, it doesn’t have code inside. You’re right, I have never compiled code from Unreal Engine. I have been using version from launcher. How to compile code? Thanks in advance

Well you shouldn’t need to compile code. The executable we ship was compiled properly… which brings us back to “I have no idea what could be wrong” :frowning: let me see if anyone else any ideas…