App crash when capture frame by Adreno Profiler after upgraded to 4.15

Hey, Just upgraded to 4.15, my app then crashed when capture frame.
Even I cann’t get crash log. I checkd the memory, but find there are 400MB remain.
Anyone knows why?

Hello mi2think,

There seems to be another post about getting this profiler to work with 4.15 which you can find here. Please be aware that we do not officially support the Adreno GPU Profiler and do not guarantee that it will work with UE4. The debugger we support is the Nsight tegra debugger.

Why don’t you support Adreno GPU Profiler? Since It’s ok on UE4.14.3.
And It’s also crashed in Mali Graphics Debugger. Also it works on UE4.14.3.

The answer is perfunctory

It’s not a software that we support. The fact that it works with previous versions of the engine has no bearing on if we officially support it or not.