App crash at startup


I’ve build my app for ALL Android devices, I’ve installed the app using the bat file created when build, but I opne the app, black screen and crash.

Anyone knows how I can see where’s the error? Because when I run the app on windows, there are no problems, works fine but at mobile crashes and I don’t know why, the log file while exporting doesn’t show any problem build is ok.

Another question, what’s the best compiling solution for android? my obb is 200mb and the game is at 10% completed (build for all, exported for example on ETC1a is 32mb), I’ve read about I can make rules on android manifest but I don’t know what I have to do exactly, I use the android manifest editor plugin.

i had the same problem

do you use any PhysX objects in your game? if not try turning all the PhysX related plugins off

actually turn any plugin that you don’t use off,

hope fully turning the plugins off will fix it

gl :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m not using any PhysX objects, and all plugins I’m using are Unreal Built-In plugins, I’ve disabled the AndroidManifestPlugin but still same… There’s a way I can see a log that tells me why is closing?

I myself have tried to get a log from my phone,managed to do it by using hi-suit mode and a program (don’t remember the name) but it didn’t show me anything, simply said closed application

I meant turning the built-in plugins off, the built in PhysX plugin was the thing causing the problems for me, try to turn off every built-in plugin that your not using

Gl :slight_smile: