Apologies for the forum outage

Hello all,

A few moments ago we experienced some brief forum downtime, we were aware of the issue and immediately set to work to fix it. The issue appears to be resolved now, but we will continue to monitor it closely. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thanks, and happy developing!

Hello everyone!

At 5:46PM EDT, we recognized an issue with the forums website. It was failing for several of us, but some connections remained. After 5-10 minutes, however, all connections had dropped. At first, we thought it was a DNS issue. However, after a more in-depth check, we identified a back-end server that was no longer functioning properly. We were unable to make any changes to the server because the supporting hardware had broken completely. At this point, we removed this item from the cluster. This is when the forums came back up… approximately 6:20PM EDT.

We are currently running on a shortened quantity of hardware. Once the new hardware is properly provisioned, we will bring that server back up and into the cluster.

We’ve restored full capacity and everything is back to normal.

Thanks for your patience!