Apollo Armageddon FREELANCE HELP

Hello my name is . I have been designing a side scroller game which lets the player make the choices of their own and depending on those choices will determine the difficulty of game play. Do you want to speed run the game well then, you might find the difficulty a bit harder than just taking the normal route. The game will give you a general direction to go but it’s your choice on where to go. The game will also introduce powerup’s that will determine the difficulty of the boss. If you forget a powerup you might find that the next boss will be harder than expected. There is a lot to this game including secrets and metaphorical scrolls. The metaphorical scrolls will tell you how to beat the boss but you must figure out what it is saying and it will be up to the player how to interpret it. If you would like to help with the game I would appreciate it. You can contact me at: . I have a lot of the mechanics done already and putting a stackable inventory in currently. I will go over in a brief description whom I am looking for.

FREELANCE: 3D modelers for the games environment. The environment needs to be modular and it takes place on a space station if at all doable because of it being a side scroller.

FREELANCE: 3D modelers for Julia’s (main character) final design. She needs a suit that is armor but flexible and has it’s own breathing apparatus.

FREELANCE: Artists for UI design. The game needs a nice sleek sci-fi look to the inventory systems, healthbars etc.

FREELANCE: Level designers. The game needs level designers to shape the gameplay. The environment needs to be designed in a way for multiple access routes. Shootable doors needs to be in place as well so that sometimes regular gun ammo will open doors but others will require missiles or gravity bombs etc.

If you would like to become involved I would appreciate any help that I get. You will be mentioned in the credits and upon completion you will get paid determined the games success.

I hope to see your responses and here are some links to some gameplay.

Thank you and have a great day!!!