Apollo Armageddon 3d side scroller.....

Hello my name is Daryl. I am a programmer, modeler, level designer, sound effects creator and I generate my own music. Though the music was implemented I had a bad pc crash but currently designing the music. I am working on this game and it has been in development for about 2 years. I switched from Game Maker because it really didn’t meet my expectations for the player. The idea is to have an old school feel but with awesome graphics.
Game Overview: Apollo Armageddon takes place in the future in the year 2150. The main characters name is Julia and she comes from Russia. Recently all of her family except her children have been taken by aliens and she is on a journey to find them. She decides to join S.U.I.T that is a world collaboration and for the first time we all work together as a team. S.U.I.T (Symmetric Unit of Integrated Technology) has found a strange substance…a parasite. The parasite comes from the world of Fukshan and it is a wondrous and dreamy looking galaxy. Enveloped by a nebula the galaxy constantly is shifting so no life can actually grow like how it is on Earth. The parasite leaves Fukshan because they are under attack. It isn’t a Galatic super awesome space battle but the alien race called Zerphan’s are invading the parasite beings from within. Drilling the world of Fukshan and living near the core and causing the planet to undergo some changes. The parasite is capable of critical thinking and is intelligent. The parasites also have abilities like flight and magic and such but when the parasite hits the Nebula cloud, the parasite starts having chemical changes. The nebula consists of Ions and before contact with it, it made the parasite very strong. When the parasite collides with the cloud he loses all ablitys and strength and now any contact with Ions it will hurt him or cause him to die. When the parasite falls to Earth, scientists find it radiating red ooze coming off of it and any time humans come close it kills them. The scientists find a way to capture the parasite by placing a capsule around it. The scientists find a way to harness the parasite and combine it with fabric and metal. The suit is made and everytime someone tries to put it on, the parasite eats them. Julia finds herself in this situation and she is scared but she still goes up to the suit. When she gets inside the suit, the parasite bonds to her and now she is ready to go to the alien planet of Fukshan. The question that we all want to know is why are the aliens abducting us.

Game Mechanics and other stuff: The game features aliens, zombies and weird looking insects dieing to get into the suit and eat you. You have the option of playing through the game either by shooting with guns and rifles etc or you can hack and slash everything. Weapons can be upgraded through a leveling system. Each weapon can only progress to lvl 10. Each level gives you more damage and more ammo as well as special properties such as different styles of particles, turning enemies into stone or even freezing them! The character also can level up to level 100 and each level strength, dexterity and accuracy will be updated. You can select up to 4 characters to play with and each have their own abilities. Julia can fight with swords, rifles, pistols or by (force push, pull) don’t know what to call it at the moment. Terk is more of technology based. You can summon drones, change armors, summon robots and he also has a powerful laser that can be fired (can only be fired once every 1 minute and a half but can disintegrate enemies if they are regular enemies.) Amoungst fighting enemies you also have sub bosses and boss battles. It is up to the player to find pieces of a scroll to advance the story or you can just kill everything. You can also find pieces of tablet that metaphorically tells you how to be the boss. You have to figure out puzzles to advance, find secret areas and also free slaves.

I hope I have given enough information and if you want to check out the progress just email me at: so I can get your message instantly.

Good day and have fun developers!!!


I forgot to mention I am looking for some help on the game and cannot pay anyone but at release time money will be split between all. Looking for programmers, artists, musicians and concept designers.

Here is the youtube video of the game so far.
[video]_ upload - YouTube

Here is the youtube video of the game so far.

Bump. I want to know more. This game sounds like Metroid.