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Apocalypse Z
Episode 1: Outbreak


Welcome to Apocalypse Z, a Top Down RPG shooter game, with basic crafting, loot and more. Apocalypse Z is an episodic game, where players will assume the role of a different character per episode. This expands on the story and allows the player to get a different view throughout each episode.

Background Story

In a world where Private Military Companies (PMC’s) have become more powerful than the government’s that rule.
Blacksites are being created to hide the Black Ops projects that governments are not able to carry out with the regular military means.
Within these Blacksites, many activities are carried out. From interrogations to highly classified research projects.

One such Blacksite has been carrying out a secret research project to create a new breed of super soldier.
This project was activated due to a contractual agreement between the Dept. of Defence and a Powerful PMC.
This project was given the codename ‘Iron Fist’.

However, this research Blacksite has now gone offline.
No contact has been received from this site for more than 24hrs.
Which has now led to emergency protocols being implemented.

Episode 1 Story:

In Apocalypse Z: Outbreak (Episode 1) players will discover the story of Renee a security contractor of a military blacksite at the start of a strange outbreak. Upon arriving for her daily shift she finds that all is not as it should be. With no guards to be seen, a ghostly facility lacking the busy staff routines it normally hosts. Strange noises and blood - lots of blood… Renee must quickly establish what has happened and where everybody has gone. All whilst trying to survive in a post apocalyptic nightmare.


RPG Survival Horror
Inventory System
Loot System
Simple Combat
Crafting System
EXP System
& More


Apocalypse Z is an episodic game, where players will assume the role of a different character per episode. This expands on the story and allows the player to get a different view throughout each episode. Episode 1 will be that of Renee a security contractor at the very start of a strange outbreak, Episode 2 will be from the view of Milla - a member of an elite unit sent in to the facility to retrieve an important package etc. - more coming soon.

The game is currently being developed by one man using Unreal Engine 4.


More Information





Steam Greenlight Concept

Prototype Gameplay Trailer:

Here is a very early Pre-Alpha build of the game where I test out:

Player & Enemy health/damage systems
Player levelling system
Exp system
Item spawning system
Health & Armour pickups
& much more…

Apocalypse Z Update #2

It has been a long while since I updated this forum.

This will now change today as I have advanced considerably on this project. I have also updated my first post with a prototype gameplay video - which is also found below…

Prototype Gameplay Trailer:

With that out of the way, I will now go into further detail about the game.

Characters (WIP):


Enemies (WIP):



The story unfolds as the player explores a sprawling underground military facility, set in a Private Military Blacksite based somewhere in the United States of America. Being set in an internal environment means restricted movement. Thin long hallways, office areas, dead ends and rooms with only one way in and out. This means that the player will feel more claustrophobic than they would if they were playing in an outdoor setting. Thus adding to the suspense. The aim is to make the player feel the insecurity while they try to survive…​

The limited viewing angle means the player will only get to see a portion of the environment at any given time and more often than not with lack of light. This means the player will have to rely on their environmental surroundings and the battery draining flashlight to help them stay alive.​

Exploration will be an important part of the gameplay, as venturing off the beaten path can lead to greater rewards but with greater danger. As well as provide much needed supplies to keep your character alive.


•An exploration-focused, Top Down Horror RPG with crafting elements
•Player leveling allows your player to become stronger & survive longer.
•In addition to the classic elements everyone’s come to expect from an RPG title, enemies in Apocalypse Z will drop a wide variety of items & crafting materials necessary to create the items that will help you survive long enough to uncover the truth.
•Mission system - much like that of questing!
•An advanced Inventory allowing the player to gather items and store them for later use.
•An credits based system with in-game store system to allow the player to purchase helpful items and some better gear.
•As you explore, fight enemies, and complete missions you will gain experience and become more powerful, acquiring a variety of weapons along the way. Enemies will also drop materials you can use to craft new weapons and equipment using a nearby workbench
•& much, much more…

That’s it for now, but I will be back a lot quicker with the next update.

Thanks for reading.[/CENTER]