Aplly Damage dealling 0 damage

I’m trying to make a AI chase and explode on when it hits the player, but the damage from the “apply damage” function retuns 0 every time.

A couple of quick questions to eliminate the obvious. What is your damage variable set to? I’m assuming that it is higher than 0, but you never know.

Where is this event being called initially? Specifically, I’ve noticed you’ve called this event again on the ‘AI Move to’ fail, but haven’t fed anything into the ‘player to chase’ pin. Are you feeding an actor into this pin when it is initially being called?

Lastly, on the actor that is being chased, how are you handling the damage received? Event any damage?

Can we see all of these different set ups? It may help to troubleshoot your issue.

also try setting the acceptance radius to to a larger number like 100 for testing. if i remember right the acceptance radius is origin to origin so collision could cause a issue if the radius is too low.

The default value for the damage varieble is 20. It’s colled on “On see Pawn”. The player to chase pin used on the “on see Pawn” event. It chases the player just fine, just the damage that returns 0.

I also managed to make it work by doing a cast, but I now get another problem where the AI explodes when it can no longer moves in the direction of the player, like when it’s close to a ledge, even when the player is far away, and still deals damage

forgot about this one