APlayerController :: "get controlled pawn"

Does APlayerController class has a method to get controlled Pawn ?

It’s in the super class. AController::GetPawn() (

So sorry to necro this, but I’m not fully adept with BPs yet nor a seasoned ‘programmer’, so why is there no get controlled pawn node, and what do I do instead if its no longer generated ?

This became a problem bc I’m following a youtube tut on creating ai pawn for player which I’m needing now. This is the only spot where a search generated anything meaningful to a non coder ISh.


Don’t understand the question. Are you talking in C++ or in BP? Both in BP there is the “Get Controlled Pawn”:




still exists.

NVM i GOT IT, I started out with wrong class dummy me not sure why, I should have started out with ai controller ;(, saw blueprint channel on discord, rec’d ‘self’ instead of start over. TY above ,very sorry I startedf out with youtube tut on smart tv, missed one step is all, accidentaly started out with pawn class vs aicontroller :(((

TY so much for response!!!