APlayerController::ClientTravel -- looking for a verbose code example

I need an example of usage to study so that I can get this going in game.

I would prefer to expose this to blueprints, if possible.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions and advice. :slight_smile:

You don’t call ClientTravel manually, it’s called by ServerTravel when the server wants to make all players move to a new map.


If called from a client, will travel to a new server

If called from a server, will instruct the particular client to travel to the new map (but stay connected to the current server) 

This seems to indicated that a single player can travel to a new server. What little that I have read from searches suggest that this is the case. The posts, however, are not complete enough to allow me to understand the implementation.

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I still haven’t found a solution to this. Is there a way to travel the client alone, to a new map ?