APL.xml proguardAdditions and buildGradleAdditions - how to figure out the content if you have only .so and headers?

Dear devs, I want to use one SDK for Oculus Quest 2 (android).

The SDK is coming with a bunch of headers and .so; .a; .aar files. I’ve compiled and linked everything, it’s possible to run on the headset, but when invoking some functions from the .so lib, it’s crashing within the .so library.

During my investigation, I found APL.xml. I find it a bit complex as I’m not an android/java developer. Not syntax, but content-wise. I’ve seen some ThirdParty plugins in the Engine to use APL as well.

So far, I’ve used <resourceCopies> in order to copy the .so file, etc…
What I need to understand now is <proguardAdditions> and <buildGradleAdditions>.

I see in the third-party examples, that the devs know what functions to export, what dependencies to use, what imports, and what to call on different <gameActivity...> sections. How can I figure it out just from the headers and .so?
I’m able to see the symbols in .so using nm, but there is a lot of code anyway and this is not helping me at all…

Thanks for pointing me right direction!