Apk ?

I am wondering if apk’s are created for android/where to find them?

The reason I can’t simply use ‘launch’ is because my device (galaxy tab p7500) doesn’t like usb transfers (it doesn’t support usb mass storage, only media transfer protocol), so my work around in Unity has been to use Airdroid to transfer over wifi.


It doesn’t need to support usb mass storage. Find and enable usb debugging on you device. You should be able to ‘launch’ apps that way.
Haven’t use Ue4 yet so i don’t know where the apk goes though.

edit: **** meant developer mode/options

You dont need to transfer APK via mass storage in order to install, ADB is made for that and have ton of other features useful for development.

And i suspect Unreal and even Unity use ADB protocols when you use “Launch” as most android devlopment tools use it

In order to use ADB you need to turn on USB Debugging on your device in developer options, if you have android 4.1 and above they are hidden and to see them you need to tap Build number in About Phone/Tablet until it tell you you unlocked it. You probably may require to install extra drivers for your phone in order to use ADB, or else you use Mac or Linux

If you got any Google branded device you can install driver from Android SDK… and i recommed you to install it anyway if you seriously thinking about Android development, there command line version of ADB too

is correct, UE4 uses adb to interface with your device when deploying and launching.

You can find the APK in your project’s …/$PROJECTNAME/Binaries/Android/ directory. You can also use the File > Package workflow to manually specify where to place the APK/OBB. That workflow also generates a batch file used to install the app.