.apk will be very fat after switching option “Package .pak in APK”

You can enable “Packaging settings”->“Package .pak in APK”, then pack the project.


Disable “Package .pak in APK”, then pack again.
Check the apk file, you will see the apk file be very big!


Oh!BTW,delete the folders (project name)/Binaries, Build, Save, Intermediate, and then rebuild and repack the project again with disabling option “Package .pak in APK”. The apk file will not be fat.


Howdy ZenTech,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Just need a bit more information from you before i begin looking into this issue. Would you be able to clarify which version of UE4 you are currently using and and if that version is Binary or Source? any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Based on the version. this may be due to some changes we made to not delete everything between packaging to speed up iteration time.


Hey ZenTech,

Thank you again for reporting this issue. I have tested this issue in our most recent internal build of UE4 and the large APK issue has been resolved. At this time, i am unsure as to when this fix will be implemented into UE4. I will be sure to keep you updated as i know more about the issue. i know that we have released 4.6.1 today and that the issue still exists.

Be sure to let me know if you have any more questions.