APK really heavy, advance on the subject?

I created my package of my project using Android ETC1 and I got an APK really heavy (134mo).
I saw on other posts one option is to remove some folder of the content inside the engine folder but sounds like a bad hack.
Is it possible to know if another option exists and if the subject has progressed ?

Well 4.8 is going to have proper .obb support, and 4.9 should bring some reduction in the package size (this info can be found in the thread about Guncat game).

The trick with the folders is not that bad, I got used to it actually… but with .apk this heavy it won’t help you much (at all even) as you can save only a few MB this way.

Your best bet is to continue to work on your project, switch to 4.8 when it’s available and publish your game with an .obb extension file.

has there been any word on device support in 4.8? I’d hate to have to wait until 4.9 for unreal to work on common devices like the note 4 :frowning:


We had a recent request regarding the Adreno 405 that was answered here and it should have no problems, but as the Galaxy Note 4 uses the Adreno 420 I went ahead and double-checked with the Android devs about that GPU. They advised that you should not have any problems. UE4 typically works well and easily with the Adreno line of GPUs. If you acquire a Galaxy Note 4 for development, please feel free to update the public facing device compatibility wiki with your findings, and if you run into any problems, please update the Mobile Development Troubleshooting Guide wiki.


I am running my game on both Adreno 305 and 302 with no problems at all, with unlit materials and no HDR of course. So if the 405 is having problems I would guess that the problem lies rahter in the features used than in the engine itself?

I have not seen any specific reports of problems with the Adreno 405, myself. Should be working fine.

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