.APK Packaging "Unknown Error"

Hello! I have been trying to export my game to android, but it keeps failing due to an “Unknown Error.” I have tried over and over, played it in the editor, built it for windows with it working just fine, and was able to launch it onto an android device, but the game crashes after 5 seconds or so after the game starts. I have checked the “Package Game Data inside .apk” option, which is when it fails. When it is unchecked, it works just fine. (I need it checked so I can distribute it on amazon.)
Here is what my Android SDK setting look like:

Here is the build log (I am currently building for Android (All)):

[Build Log][2]

Hello Discodude16,

Are you sure that all of your android tools are installed? The error message that stands out here seems to be:

Exception in UnrealBuildTool: ERROR: cmd.exe failed with args /c “C://apache-ant-1.8.2/bin/ant.bat” debug

This normally indicates a lack in some installed software. Also, it may be best to change the last two fields listed in your screenshot from “latest” in both to “matchndk” and “android-19”.

As far as installing the needed software, this page should be of some help to ensure that nothing is missed:


We haven’t heard from you in a while, Discodude16. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, have you tried the suggestion I made in my previous comment? How did it work out for you? I’ll be marking this issue as resolved in the meantime for tracking purposes.

Oops, sorry. I forgot to check this in a while. I will try your solution sometime soon. Hopefully I get good results (and not forget to get back.) Thanks!