apk not working


I deployed the Jump 2.5D game and some simple level to Android , the dialog said packaging was ok, but after installation on mobile, the game closes just after i launch it ? It is something special to do ? or some special Android version to choose if we can ?

I have the same problem.
Does anyone can give us a hand?

Provide us more information. What Unreal Engine Version? What Android Phone? What Android version? etc.

same here
tested on a galaxy s (custom gingerbread), i know its not on the supported devices and is old but runs tappy chicken from the play store just fine.
also tested on a hannspree hannspad (with a very fast ics custom rom and super tweaked kernel) that also runs tappy chicken from the shop, also an unknown make chinese tablet running jellybean that also runs tappy chicken just fine.
tested with all ue4 builds so far including one of the latest preview builds from github

what did epic do to make it run?
is there some hidden settings somewhere? a buried checkbox or something?

even a blank template with no content crashes after loading for me

The easy way to solve it, is to make new project then make 2.5 d game base on tappy chicken, please check the parameters with details


Hm, this is weird. Have you checked this wiki page? If you don’t see your model listed there, than, sadly, you won’t be able to run it. :frowning:

so how come the chicken game runs from the shop?

little progress update
after changing to android kit kat on my samsung galaxy s and overclocking it quite a bit, a packaged version of the chicken game almost runs, after a long time of black screen the menu appears, when you press play there is a long pause then it closes.

I know how to fix this fellas. You need to make sure that you drag the OBB file into (Android → OBB) and then run the apk installation on your device. It should work then. But i’ve got an issue where the Google Play Store won’t accept my APK file, and i’m trying to publish my game. I have the deadline coming up pretty soon, if anyone could help, I would much appreciate it.


Google play store have a requirement that target minimum SDK26 now and I have heard some other issues like quit button not working as reasons for rejection.

This link show the requirement as of now .