Apk file size too voluminous

Hi friends, sorry in advance for my english, i’m not english

Otherwise it’s been a little ready for a month that I started the unreal engine, so I started to program a little game for android, suddenly I wanted to try to export the game an android to see if its function, I downloaded all necessary files for android export, so I created a new project, import my character, I assigned him movement keys (wsad) jump (space bar) and the mouse movement, I created a landscape of 30X30, I put a simple white color material for the moment no problem.

Then when I export my game in APK, first problem it has 533 MB, at the time of installation: '((it is illogical for a simple character in white map)

My map texture ( simple white color material) is not uploaded, i don’t know why ? see the picture for more informations ?

help me please :’(

thank’s and have a good day