APK Expansion Files with UE4 - how?

So apparently it’s possible to release games larger than 100Mb on Play Store using APK Expansion files: APK Expansion Files  |  Android Developers

How do I make sure that when I deploy my project, UE4 will package it to comply with these requirements ?


Hi motorsep,

Turn off the package data in APK checkbox and you will both an APK and an OBB file. You will need to upload the OBB file to the store along with the APK and there is code in UE4 to handle downloading it if the OBB is missing on the device.

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Ah, cool. Thanks!

I need help with that code.
Clearly there is blueprint. When you use mobile packaging wizard it even says to have a level with a BLUEPRINT to launch build patch services.
The Problem I have is I can’t find a way to check for the OBB.
And The only node I can find requires me to put in a URL and stuff which google says it give a unique one each time. UGH

you’re talking about something different. For doing Inapp updates outside of the store it can be done like so:

If you’re fine doing the default normal method of doing app updates via the google store the OBB file is added separately to your APK in the google develolper dashboard and you don’t use the mobile packaging wizard :wink:

yeah I noticed it seems to handle it just fine.
All the warnings say it needs the code “just in case” it doesn’t manage to down load it.

But I have a very basic level with expansion now on google in alpha.
I appreciate the response though

Thanks, Ima Try It, So Its This: