APK dont work on Phone


I create a apk with U4 (4.1.x) and upload this apk on my phone. But when i start this app, i become a black screen for a second and the app closed without any errors.

When i try to upload this app on “Play Store Publisher” then i become the message the app use the “debug mode” but i select “Shipping”…

What can i do? :frowning:

What phone do you have?

HTC One … I think it’s the Snapdragon CPU

Well, it should work. Did you try using the older engine version?

The Problem is (what i dont understand) why the APK is in “Debug Mode” when i select “Shipping”?

//EDIT: When i use the App via “Debugg USB” with the Batch-File then it works on my Phone…

//EDIT2: How i can disable the Debugg Mode for the APK? Play Store say the App use the Debugg Mode…

same for me on Lg G2 snapdragon 800 , i tryed to pacakage my project from 4.0.2(wich worked perfectly with ) with new release 4.1, and apk won’t install . do we have to folow our project on older version.

You mean when i use 4.0.2 then i can install the APK and its not in “Debug Mode”?

I have posted answers to Pelix’s questions on his AnswerHub thread here:

Thx a lot :slight_smile:

And now it works with 4.1.0 and i can upload the APK on Play Store! :slight_smile:

Would you please describe the process of exporting and importing into the phone I cant get the bat file to upload to my phone.

Maybe next days i create a tutorial of this but my english is not so good …

BUT … i try to help you. :slight_smile:

You have to activate the “developer” on your smartphone / tablet.
Open Settings → Info → Software Info → More → here you have to click 7 times on the “Build-Number”… dont ask me why but then you become a message “You are an developer now” … Google is crazy with this tools. :wink:

After this setup you can see a new function in your Settings “Developeroptions” (dont know the real name in english - its above “Info”).
There you have to activate your “USB-Debugging”. Connect your phone / tablet with your PC (USB), wait for activate the Debugging on your phone and then try the *.bat again.

Hope this will help you a lil bit :slight_smile:

//EDIT: When it works for you and you understand my bad english, maybe you can create the text again with good english :smiley:

Thanks for replying.

I found the USB debugging in Developer options category. But I am not finding any category called Info. Or Software Info…( first part where you write that it needs to be clicked seven times)…

Thats on HTC One tha last Point on Settings … there you can see your software info and something like this