Apk and dlc size

Hello, I followed the mobile packaging wizard and the patchings nodes documentation but the size of my apk is 160mb whereas the size of the dlc is 60mb. I created an empty map and in the level blueprint I put the code to download dlc. In the the apk I only chose this new map. So I don’t know why my apk size is so big. Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance!

Got same trouble even by excluding editor content my apk still very large . i have another question in the mean time , when the wizard cook the project did he store all actor and stuff inside the main apk or he do that only if the main map contain it ( and if the map 2 contain a new actor did he stored inside the apk or in the dlc ? ) thx for your time .

The main apk should only contain the contents referenced by the map(s) you choose. link text It’s written has note before the last step of setting up a mobile packaging wizard profile

Yeah i tried the create a map with nothings inside and still got large apk i really dont understand why the editor create large file then nothings is supposed to be on the map ; i followed all step in the wizard and the docs but cant find solutions , in your first messages you got this trouble so whats happened to finnaly get small apk ? Because i repeat my map is letterally blank .

I changed the texture format to ETC1a and i got a size of 100mb. I also tried to change other options but i didn’t get a smaller apk

Yeah got approximatively same result , and what about dlc size ? Are they larger than 200 Kb ?

Yes, it’s about 60 mb