API --> Unreal Engine for Artificial Intelligence Research

I would love to use APIs to connect any other Artificial Intelligence application with the Unreal Engine.

How can you connect any other Software via API and the Unreal Engine?

Let’s take a Chess Program and its logical program. Let’s integrate it via API to the Unreal Engine and connect it with Meta-Human Animations/motions and interactions.

For better illustration:
When the program finishes a logical operation (Chess Move) a Meta-Human Character will be triggered to perform the animation and to move the Chess-Figure into the right spot on the Chess Board.

With the Unreal Engine, and the use of an API we can actually VISUALIZE Artificial Intelligence.

Whoever is interested in the same field, digital Labwork with API’s and AI Technology - please connect with me.
I am super thrilled to work on this!

Plan A: Let’s get this done
Plan B: There is no plan B

Let’s create,
Bernhard aka

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