API GetDiskFreeSpace of MobileInstalledContent always return 0

Hi, I’m following the document Mobile Packaging Wizard and Mobile Patch Utility Nodes to made the first DLC pack for the user launches the game on their device for the first time.

When I follow the second document to check the remaining disk size of the device is enough or not. The GetDiskFreeSpace function of MobileInstalledContent always return 0. So the size of free space is always smaller than require space. The install process won’t be goes on. But there do have sufficient disk space on my android device. And if I try not no to do the pre-check about the disk space before the installing process, go start install directly, the whole process can still be succeeded. Did I miss anything?

Below is the bp of the DLC process:

Hi, according to the inform from epic, this issue has been fixed in 4.18.