api 26 wont install, cannot upload anymore to the google playstore

Hi everybody,
it seems its impossible to upload anymore to the google playstore below api 26. I tried everything to get this api android-26 in the NVPACK folder. Using android studio. But man, i am allready busy with this for two days. It seems i have api 27 installed, but once packaged in UE4 the log mentioned that i i dont have this. I hope somebody has some good afvice what to do right now!

I use in the android projectsettings latest as setting. And then it takes api 14??? But the latets in the folder is android-24. So,… i think it should take api24. But thats not high enough as well,… since i need api 26 or api27. Android studio shows i installed api 27. So,… i am kind of out of options! android24.jpg

I use Google Translate.

I also had the same problem.

The solution is   Project setting > Android > Target SDK version →「26」(Above)

I hope that this can be solved. Thank you.