ApexDestruction not working in packaged game

I’m using ApexDestruction to scatter an object. I have an Actor with a DestructibleComponent holding the DestructibleMesh. Whenever needed I make the component visible and then instantly apply damage to the mesh through C++.

This works fine in the editor and a standalone game, but in a packaged game this doesn’t work. I see the DestructibleMesh appear, but it won’t scatter in pieces. It just sits there without collision and disappears after its timeout. Maybe some files are not being packaged? I couldn’t find any plugin related settings though. I also tried adding some delays/tweaks to the damage, but this gives the same results. Not sure what else to try anymore. Any suggestion would be most welcome.

I’ve found a bunch of old threads with people having issues with ApexDestruction in packaged games. But those are about the DestructibleMesh not appearing at all, which is not my current issue. I know Apex doesn’t work on some platforms, but target platform is Windows x64.