Apex with morph target?

it’s possible to make apex work with morph target ??
if yes , how?? :confused:
thank you!

Definitively, if I remember correctly you can enable the morph target on the Apex Cloth by scrolling in the option once you assigned the cloth material…there should be a morph target option there you need to tick :wink:

Apex Morph test

I can’t get this working on 11.3

I can’t get morph targets to work on an mesh that has apex cloth applied.

The mesh containing morphs is added to the character, and uses “set master pose” to align the animations. The morphs are unique to the added mesh, and are not present in the parent (main) mesh.

If the mesh has multiple materials. Then I can get morphs working only on materials that don’t have Apex cloth applied.

I have the “morph target” checked in the material, is there another check box that needs ticking ?

[MENTION=2200]Enter Reality[/MENTION] - in light of this, can you clarify the behavior you saw ??