APEX PhysX Cloth simulator as hair: bones collision are really bad

Hi guys,

I am trying to run a physx cloth simulator as hair on a character i created, but I have a big problem with the collision for the hair to not enter in the mesh head. The new physx block collision is made by using a kinematic ragdoll and by using the bones as stopping marks. This does not help much. I would like to know if there is other way to take the form of the head as stopping mark or if UDK engine has something to block all, blocking the hair to not enter in the mesh.

Here is how is now:


thanks for any help!

In my experience, and opinion, ragdoll is not refined enough to preform this function at that level of detail. Its still a flop around feature as far as physics goes, always has been. Bones that are to close tend to interact with one another and does not collide at the sub-object level with any degree of predictability. You can probably get it to behave in on situation but an act of randomness and off ragdoll goes doing it’s own thing.

In my opinion fine detail items like hair should be baked and imported into UE4 as vertex animation, please up vote it on Trello as I reallllly want this feature, as part of a data set for secondary motion.

In general if you want fine detail motion it’s best practice to bake the animation.

P.S. I tried doing a simple ponytail and of course the physics did what I expected it would do and more or less flopped around.