APEX Help!

Man ive been stuck on this for hours now. Im trying to make a cloth simulation from blender to Unreal engine 4 via Nvidia APEX SDK, but i always gets this error:

There are no corresponding bones. At least one bone should exist. This Could be Improper APEX file.

Mapping failed bones :

What im i doing wrong, i found another post about this and the answear for that was:
Add a bone and set at least one vertex affected by 4 bones.

But i just dotn understand what that means? like should my mesh be parented to 4 different bones?
Or should should i parent the all the vertecies of the mesh to 4 different bones for some reasson?

I feel like i have tried everything here, please help me!


After like 4 hours i have been able to atleast get any sort of physsics to hapend here… but well

Its not a pretty sight, im using Blender and the Nvidias APEX SDK, people on youtube seem to get this working but im starting to give up here