Apex Destruction Plugin. The Destructible Static Mesh is not destructible in the Android application

I use the engine from sources 4.26.2
Plugin Apex Destruction v. 1.0

I am building a build for the Server.
Then I make a build for Desktop and Android.

NDK toolchain: r21d, NDK version: 21, GccVersion: 4.9, ClangVersion: 9.0.8
Compiling Native 64-bit code with NDK API ‘android-21’
Building Java with SDK API level ‘android-30’
Building with Build Tools version ‘29.0.2’

I connect to network mode through the Desktop application and through the Android.
Everyone can see the Destructible Static Mesh and everything is working correctly.

When Destructible Static Mesh collapses.
It only sees the Desktop Application as it collapses.
The Android application does not see this. He sees only a state that is not destroyed.