APEX Destruction on Android

Why doesn’t apex destruction work on my Android when I launched it? I am wondering that because when I tested in the inbuilt phone emulator + Android preview enabled APEX Destruction was working!! And it still is on my PC. Apologies if there is a similar question. I only found one dating back to 2015, which I wrote off as (hopefully) outdated. I would certainly understand tho’ why this feature isn’t supported on mobile if it is so. I am really hoping I am doing something wrong.
Thank you.

By the way, the destructible meshes appear/are rendered but they have no collision and are indestructible. They are see-through and I can see the chunks inside of them. That is all.

I have the same question BigPipiChicken…

Also, the Unreal documentation that I’m trying to follow seems quite a bit outdated in some parts. I’m having a very hard time working through it. Such as the projectile section looks completely different.