Apex Destruction broken in UE 4.25.4?

For real, I’ve been wasting time trying to make this plugin work for the last hours without result. I added a destructible mesh to my actor blueprint, sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t, it’s very inconsistent, then when I finally get the destructible to show in the blueprint viewport, or becomes invisible in the game viewport!!

Then I try to apply damage using the forward vector of my character along with the location of the destructible, as for impulse strength and damage I tried multiple values including the maximum ones and nothing happen, then I try with another FBX and it works fine, only different thing between those 2 FBX are the materials.

Why would this garbage plugin be in the editor if it simply doesn’t work? I’ve been searching around and this issue seems to be dating from a long time. Aside from making me want to throw my monitor off the window, this plugin isn’t bringing much.