Apex Destructible kismet

so i have been designing a system where, the more destruction the player does the higher the score goes. but for the life of me i cannot figure out how to
get apex destructibles to be recognized in kismet as being hit. i have tried everything from touch triggers to damage taken to physics impacts.
here is a screenshot of the score system that will be linked to the whatever apex node works with this thing…
the trigger touch works fine as it automatically initiates damage to the wall which triggers the score to raise to 1 point.
but as far as i can tell nothing else works and no other input nodes are recognized. it’s really crappy…

You’ve tested Take Damage -> Min Damage / Threshold = Zero w/ Player-only unticked?

If I remember right Kismet events don’t even fire right for FracturedStaticMeshActors.
I had to hack it by looking for a UC variable that changed once damage was applied.


Namely the Bool above, but its just a one time thing, so it won’t help your case.
Really, Kismet was always too limited… You’re constantly forced to look to UC…

well darn, thanks anyways man. hopefully i can figure out something here!

Untitled-x copy.jpgwell i just made some significant progress. i used apexdestructibleactor touch then if i quickly feign a death into the wall and collide with it my score goes up! i’m assuming this is because the pawn has a physicsasset.
i’m gonna try to give a projectile a physics asset with custom collision and see if i can replicate it :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re heading that way, maybe these will give you some options too:

RadialImpulseActor / RadialForceActor…