APEX Destructible invisible

Video of the issue:

Also its sometimes stuck in mid air, non-destructible actors dont have the issue?

You using destructible meshes incorrectly as I learned not only destructible meshes are really heavy on the performance they buggy as hell in movement as well, so what you should do is create an actor with a static mesh with the same as the destructible and when this actor is hit or damaged you should create the destructible actor and switch with the static one(you can already have a destructible actor at the ready somewhere invisible and without collision if the destructible actor spawn is too slow for your liking).

Okay I thought about this but the issue is knowing when to switch to the destructible, since the destruction mesh should only break / switch to the destruction mesh if a certain threshold is reached. Whats the benefit of the destruction mesh vs a blueprint with individual physics pieces and switching to that if the destruction mesh is buggy when living normally in the scene?

The benefits are performance increase and you don’t need to deal with the buggy mess. Pretty straight forward and about knowing when the switch to destructive is quite easy actually, just do on overlap with something solid check for velocity difference between the actors and if its > than 100(or something else) then break(create the DM).