Apex destructables collision problems

just tried some apex destructable walls in the shooter game but i’m having a problem with the collisions

  1. import with the default settings and save
  2. add to a copy of the santury map
  3. re-build all
  4. test via play in new window from player start
  5. all works fine with the instant hit weapon
  6. projectile weapon goes straight through
  7. player goes straight through

as normal i’m problely missing something so i thought i’d ask

Just ran into this issue. (Shootergame projectile not colliding with Destructible mesh)

I spent a bit of time toggling collision options - no luck

random I found that my projectile will collide with static meshes even if the mesh does not have a collision volume.

I’m no programmer- but I feel like maybe if (Impact.bBlockingHit) is not getting triggered by destructible meshes in the projectile code.

on the other hand - the problem could be with destructible meshes and not the projectile.

Has anyone found a workaround/solution?

My next step will be to create a collision volume on my destructible object blueprint and see what happens when I manually apply damage to it when a projectile overlaps.

For those people who don’t know about destructible meshes - here’s a repro:

  1. Open shootergame project
  2. Find ‘editor cube’ in content browser (or any static mesh)
  3. Right click > create destructible mesh
  4. Open the destructible mesh, click fracture and use slider to see how it breaks (hours of fun)
  5. Drop the mesh in your level
  6. shoot with launcher (no collision)
  7. shoot with rifle (mesh shatters)

Attempt to manually apply damage successful - Answer: You must use “Apply Radius Damage” (NOT Radial Damage)




“Regarding the rocket launcher not affecting DestructibleMeshes, I do not yet have a definite answer for that. I have tested and discovered that actors do not register “damage” when shot by the launcher (although characters are affected). I have reported this issue for investigation.” Stephen Ellis 10-29

As an additional problem - It seems I am unable to “Simulate Physics” on my destructible mesh. (No checkbox for Simulate Physics exists)

Context - The destructible mesh is an asteroid in space

Hello George,

I’m looking into your issue, but I am unable to reproduce it without a little more info. Could you please attach the Destructible Mesh asset you are using so that I can make sure it is set up correct? What are the current collision settings?

Also, at this time it is expected behavior that Destructible Meshes do not have pawn collision. Please keep your build updated, as we are changing features constantly.

Thank you,


Hi Alex, i’d love to upload the assets but for some reason it won’t let me !!
it says max 10mb then after upload it says max 512kb.
the apb file is 733kb but the uasset is 7.2mb !!!

I’m terribly sorry. I have alerted some people in charge of that system and they will be looking into fixing it so you can get those assets to us.


didn’t think but maybe this dropbox link will work
not sure if it will as its not in the public folder

Excellent, this worked and I was able to reproduce the issue. I have submitted this problem into our database and it will be looked into. Thank you very much for your report! If there is anything else that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to create a new question.


Hey George,

You should be able to attach files up to 10MB now (fingers crossed), but you’ll need to zip up the apb file since its not an allowed type.

link text

Thanks Jeff, thats fixed, btw just in case zip works but rar doesn’t .
i’ll delete the file from the dropbox now just to be on the safe side.

to Alex it’s me that has to thank you guys for letting me play with rocket’s and to go where no man has gone before.
no i’m not a trekkie more a jedi :slight_smile:

Has this issue been solved yet ? seems like projectiles are passing through apex destructible still. Although player pawn collision seems fine.

I’m testing with the shooter game sample that i downloaded. The rifle weapon works with the apex destructible ; fracturing it … while the launcher projectile just passes through… the collision with the player pawn is working after setting the capsule’s collision component from none to pawn. But the projectile issue remains.

afaik no, like you i tried with the latest build of rocket and the shooter game same thing, i haven’t really bothered to dig into the problem, i expect they have other things to worry about atm

That’s a bit dis-heartening .

Can someone post the content of the links? Because I can’t enter these posts. I wrote to the admin of the forum and this the answer was, that new registration can’t enter this forum sections.

I know I am reviving a bit of an old post here, but I just bumped into the same issue. Projectiles go throgh the glass. No collision. I did set to radius damage. All other parameters set as per tutorials. If I try to apply the same formula to, say, a thicker object in the shooter demo game level, it all works perfectly fine. In my own though, I seem to have a problem with thin objects, such as glass walls. If I “start awake” glass wall shatters imidiately on load.


Can you post this as new question on the AnswerHub. These are posts from our Beta that are no longer being tracked.

Thank you!