Apex Clothing

Hi all, i have been following tutorials to get apex clothing on a character i created but i just cant seem to get the cloth to collide with the player model… everything else works fine, it moves with the player and wind and collides with the world but not the player… any help would be appreciated

Do you use 3Ds Max or Maya?

On both Maya/Max you need to create a physic asset inside them so that is exported together with the skeletal rig…its called a kinematic ragdoll and it can be found inside the Apex tools in your DCC.

Maya Tutorial

Max Tutorial

i use max, i have done that the problem im having is that the cloth clips through the character, not all thw way but enough that its obvious.

Even the Apex clothing in the official content examples clips through the player

The issue is that the collision is done with capsule shapes, so isn’t going to fit 100% to the mesh itself and you’ll have some clipping ( unless the capsule tehmself are bigger then the mesh )