Apex Clothing Help/Error

Hello everyone, once I load in my apex cloth file, the mesh seems to glitch out and I lose the upper torso, anyone ever experience this before?

These are my character files:

Without apex:

With apex:

You will have to “attach” the cloth part to some part of you character -> paint onto it with a distance of 0 or you haven’t assigned the cloth part to your rigg. But I will check the file in 10 mins so that I can give you a more precise answer

Yep, looks like it doesn’t have any supports/attachments.

Looks like he melted.

As I mentioned above, you have to “attach” some part of the cloth. To “attach” it, you have to paint a value of 0



Does it work when you import it into UE4?


(in the video the cloth doesnt look so good, but I have made this in 2 mins so… :p)