Apex cloth VS classical animation


i’d like to put a sweat shirt on my character’s arms (i only modelled arms and hands because its FPS in subjective view).

What is the best solution to animate my arm with the sweat shirt on this mesh :


Should i use apex cloth asset in UE4 ? Or should i merge my harm + the sweat shirt in one single mesh and animate it ?


Thats very vague. It really depends on what level of detail you’re going for.

How close is the camera going to be to the arm?
To what degree do you utilize physics components through out the rest of your game?
What effect are you going for?
How realistic do you want to be?
Are cutscenes going to sweep by the arms?

My interpretation of what you intend to accomplish with Apex Clothing is a form of auto-conforming/animation to the Arm mesh verses the traditional modeling/animation technique. In either solution, you’re still using a separate mesh object to overlay the Arm mesh. I would speculate each to have its own pros and cons in flexibility and performance, but, I personally like the idea of using a cloth simulation for garments (especially for procedural/customizable characters). Its a worthy experiment to try both.

Hi Matrix,

Thanks for your replie.
The camera will be in the heroe eyes like here :

I dont want the tissue to move according to the wind, in fact i just want, when animating, the tissue colliding with the arm to keep the shape of the arm. I want high level of texture, bumpmaps, normal map both for arms (and hands) and the carried weapon.

Yes, some cutscenes are going to sweep by the arms

Thanks Techlord

Well since it’s only going to be a first person perspective.

To be considered is any in game physics or simulation has a cost and anything like FPS hands will always be rendered with in the view port so there is little opportunity to optimize and the use of LOD’s are rather redundant.


On the road map is a feature addition to come called vertex animation so you could stage and simulate (bake) the cloth simulation in your 3ds application, if it supports cloth, and export the point cache data along with the mesh,animations, that excludes the performance hit.

you mean that it wouldn’t be real time animation ? thanks for the advice